Wednesday, January 25, 2012

I Swear I Wasn't Drunk!!

So yesterday I was out running. I was also mixing things up by doing sets of side shuffles, running backwards, and doing extended stride, shortened stride. Well, one mile in to my 4 mile run I start a set of side shuffles and suddenly BOOM! I hit the ground, having tripped over an uneven section of sidewalk. I promptly laughed heartily out loud, picked myself up, and continued on to the other three miles. I noticed my leg hurt a bit, but I didn't want to take time to look at it. Gotta keep pace you know!
When I got home, I took the above photo. The road rash was highly visible, but I was most grateful that I didn't bleed down into my shoes! Can't ruin the shoes!
After resting for a while and rehydrating, I went into the bathroom and blotted cold water on the scrapes and the gashes. I carefully debrided the area and then let it rest. After grossing out my kids when I picked them up from school, (I am the BEST mom EVAR!), HHH and I went to take a shower. In the shower I took my Lemslip soap from LUSH and washed the wounds. Can I just say, LUSH soaps are awesome and it didn't even sting to wash an open wound with it? I can?? OK then! I washed the scrapes and carefully dried them. It still must have looks painful because HHH left out while I was cooking dinner and got me some Neosporin + Pain Relief!! He put it on my owwies and we went on from there.

As I'm resting on my heating pad, that's what my leg looks like now. The bruises are just starting to shadow in and they are going to be SPECTACULAR when they come in fully. When it scabs over it will look even BETTER! And I have to say, yet again... YES I know how to walk, run, you name it. No it wasn't the blonde in me tripping over an air pocket on the path. Thank you for your concern.

Let me just summarize this by saying...
  1. Yes, I fell, but more importantly, I laughed about it. Even more importantly, I kept going.
  2. I finished my workout in a decent time despite having a gash in my leg.
  3. I grossed out a 9 year old boy.
  4. I'm still upright and plan on working out tomorrow.
Remember, when you fall, laugh like mad and just keep going!

PS- Don't forget, If you would like to sponsor my son in his Walk A Thon, just leave a comment on Tuesday's post and I'll write you down. You don't have to give any $$ now. Just a pledge so he can help his school raise $$ for books, special programs, & teacher projects, you know... since the government is more interested in making war, bailing out banks, and giving themselves raises rather that increase funding to our public schools! Thanks!!!

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