Sunday, January 22, 2012

Hide Yo Kids, Hide Yo Wife!

Oh dear LORD! I was watching the Football playoffs yesterday when I saw something that horrified me to my core and made me nauseous. It was a political commercial! To be honest, I couldn't tell who it was slanted towards. It reamed both Newt & Mitt, (How the fuck did these guys even GET names like that!??!), and was supposedly sponsored by some obscure group like the Committee of People Who Want Pistachios Banned From Cock Fighting Events or something just as foolish. Now that South Carolina is over with the muck raking is getting ready to move down here. And if THAT isn't enough, I get to be privy to the Republican National Convention here in the Tampa Area. Political fat cats will be cruising down town Tampa this August and it should be pretty safe for them since $50 million has been given to make sure that anyone from terrorists to homeless people won't bother their agenda. I guess it's just something you never think will happen to you (The RNC), but apparently it does.

Where's my elephant gun?

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