Thursday, January 12, 2012

Fun At Someone Else's Expense.

I got a contest for you.

First one to call this number in the above graffiti and find out who they are and if they knew their number was plastered up on an abandoned Valrico SweetBay's front windows in whore hot pink gets a $25 dollar gift card to a restaurant to be decided upon later after the winner has been chosen. Just leave a comment detailing the person's name, what neighborhood they live in, who they think might have committed the offense against them, and whether or not they knew about the graffiti. I consider it a public service that we are letting this person know about their phone number being out there for everyone to see.... and call!

PS-I will be checking to see if you're telling the truth!!! No cheating!

1 comment:

LeSombre said...

I'm going to do this to the kid who keeps prank calling my house, now that I have her cell phone number.

I'm just trying to figure out a better one than "For a good time call...". Maybe I'll go around keying cars and leaving her number with a sorry note on the windshield...

I wish I'd do more than just write this comment. :-/