Saturday, January 14, 2012


I'm glad you like your team. When folks get excited about their sports teams, it lets me know they have passion. I am a staunch supporter of my sports teams. (although I am wavering on my Jaguars!) I do have one piece of advice/request....


I get it. You don't like this team. You don't like that player. You don't like that guys off field antics. You don't like this other guy's politics. I get it. And I respect your opinion. No, I really do. This is a great country where us folks can do that... still like someone even though what spouts out of their mouths every now and again makes us grit out teeth. But if all that ever comes out of your mouth is hate hate hate.... just shut it please. I hear enough hate every day. I hear homophobic hate, racial hate, religious hate, nationality hate, gang hate, teen angst hate...... it just goes on and on. Sporting matches are supposed to be a place where we can compete and support our teams and at the end of the game, come together to toast each other and the game itself. Instead of this we have people being rabid assholes and beating up opposing fans to the point that they are in comas! WTF?!?

Tonight I turned off Twitter and Facebook because people I follow, people I have met and consider friends were just spewing crap I didn't understand. It made me sad. Still, rather than spew right back I offered why I thought the team I supported had gotten to their playoff game then I turned it off. Turned off Twitter. Turned off Facebook. That's my choice.

Turn off the hate. We should all do that. Now, if I could just turn off the circus that is the Republican Political machine......

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