Monday, January 23, 2012


I woke up Monday morning and flipped on CNN Headline News while making the kid's lunches for school, and though I was expecting to hear about the blow out, awesome football from Sunday, I heard TORNADOES blaring out from my TV instead. Yes, there is a tradition in the South where once the year turns over to January 1st the storms start rolling into the area, bringing with them lightning, high winds, and tornadoes. We all remember last spring when I ended up riding out a tornado in Valrico in our truck we owned at the time! It happens. Oh yeah, going through a tornado in a souped up 4x4 truck happens more often than you think down here! Unfortunately, the bad weather has already started up in Alabama. Not 8 months ago they were ravaged by tornadoes that literally wiped towns off the map. Now they've been hit again. Why do I care? Why should you care? Because people need help, that's why! I used to live in Memphis where I came to shudder every time the tornado sirens went off. I saw the devastation first hand. As someone who lived in Florida almost her entire life, I've really had more experience with hurricanes and thought they are really destructive, you can out run them as long as you don't wait too long. You don't get that with tornadoes. They hit in a flash, sometimes in the middle of the night, and they can be the Finger of God. I hit Twitter IMMEDIATELY and started sending out tweets to people that I knew lived in the area where the tornadoes were being shown at. I didn't hear from most of them till later in the afternoon and to my immense relief, everyone was OK. Yet even as that was happening and I was getting the all clear from my friends, there were reports on the news that said people had perished. Many homes were destroyed. Now we need to band together again and help these folks.

Do you have a blog?? Great!! USE IT!!! All you have to do is write a post! Some really awesome Alabama Bloggers have started to work with a company that has chosen Christian Service Mission as their charity to help. For every 400+ word post they will donate $25. Find out all the details here. The goal is $1,000 by March 1st and I totally know we can hit that! So come on people..... Find the words so Alabama's hardest hit can find their way home!!

PS-This is going up early tonight so I can link it to the CSM web page comments and get the ball rolling down here!

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Rachel said...

Thank you for joining in to help! I am glad that everyone you know were safe. The same was true for me, but not so true for many others.