Monday, December 5, 2011

What...... The Hell!???!

I was watching TV yesterday, cuddling my baby boy(who is fine now, thanks to everyone who Twittered encouragement for him!) when I saw a commercial for a game called Doggie Doo. Yup. Doggie Doo. The premise behind this game is, uh.... is..... uh..... Oh there's no way to make this sound any better, but basically you feed the dog these playdough "treats", then you roll a special die that tells you how many times you squeeze the dog leash which moves the "treats" down the dog's intestines. If the dog poops during your turn at the leash, you clean it up with your game shovel. Who ever gets 3 poops first wins! Fun right?? Oh, the dog farts loudly as well.

Oh my GAWD!! Is this what we've come to to entertain our children?? A pooping dog?? When I was a child I didn't even like the pooping dolls. If my parents had gotten me a crapping dog game I'd have been offended!! Worse than offended. And not only would I have been offended, but our three REAL dogs would have been offended because why play the game when I had three of the real things tap dancing at the door for me to clean up after, right??

My only other thought on this is that, since the game appears to have originated in Europe, perhaps it is actually a subversive tool to teach folks over there (who historically haven't really picked up after their animals) to clean up after their pets! Stranger things have happened.

So now to you guys.... Pooping Dog Game.... would you buy it for your kids?


Russ said...

I saw this before, I think it came from Germany (leave it to the Germans, right?).

Short answer, no, I would not buy it. I have a dog. They can go play the real life game in their own back yard!

Anonymous said...

I've already bought it and it is absolutely awesome!