Friday, December 16, 2011


Today as I was motoring about town I saw....

  • As I was on my way back from the kids new pediatrician, We passed by a small driveway to no where that had two roadside vendors set up. One was selling seafood(YUCK!), and the other selling BBQ and firewood. The seafood guy didn't look like he was having any luck, but the BBQ guy had a woman out front waving to the passing cars as she walked a piglet on a leash. I SHIT YOU NOT! They were advertising BBQ by walking a tiny baby pig on a leash!(About the same size as the one in the photo above.) What is the world coming too?? And when they walked past the smoker did the piglet think to himself, "MOM?!?"

  • Then, as I was going to pick up Mo, I saw a 1987 Yugo painted like the General Lee from the Dukes of Hazard! OMG!! I tried hard to get a photo, but I was too far back in the line at the stop sign to get a shot! I Twittered about it and most folks joked that they couldn't believe there was a Yugo still working! So what was more surprising... the fact that it was an actually a running Yugo, or that it was painted to look like one of America's most well known TV vehicle icon's?

So yeah... that was my Friday. Mostly uneventful with two really weird instances shoved in it. How was yours then?

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