Thursday, December 29, 2011


I, like many others, am posting an end of the year list. And no, I won't bore you with what movies I thought were awesome, or what TV shows I watched during the 2011. No one really cares about my opinion on that kind of stuff. What I'm gonna post is my top blog posts for 2011! Yes... here are the top 5 posts for the year!

  • Coming in 5th at 165 page views is "Changing & Rearranging". I hammered that one out back in January about us rearranging the living room to have more space and less clutter. Had I known HHH was just going to get a new job a few months later, I'd have just said screw it and boxed everything up for the eventual move! Ah, to have ESP about shit like that would be priceless!!!
  • Coming in next at 191 page views is "BOING" which was about when I took the kids to an indoor trampoline center. It was a blast! There have since been larger, more interactive places that have opened since our visit to Boing, but the kids still ask to go again over and over! It's a blast and a kick in your cardio's ass!!
  • At good old number 3 we have "Fuck Yeah, Roller Derby Otter", a delightful tumblr blog by roller girls that got 307 page views. Think Lol Cats, but with an otter saying stuff like, "Endurance Practice? CALL 911!" Unfortunately, this blog blew up to be bigger than it's owners could handle and 3 months after it started, it stopped putting up new Otter Memes. I haz a sad now!
  • In the number two spot with 914 views is a blast from the past with, "My Boobs Are HUGE!" That one is from 2008 proving that if people THINK they are gonna see your tits for free, they will click and click and click! Ha ha, too bad for them I was just TALKING about my boobs, not showing them. Pervs!!
  • And finally, in the top spot for this years 2011 Blondefabulocity Post of the year is...... "CONSUELA"!!!!! I wrote Consuela on January 20th, 2011 and in the past year it has gotten 6010 page views and it just keeps on rising! This was a post I put up after going to a McD's drive through and seeing the Family Guy character's doppelganger working the window. This woman looked like Consuela, spoke like Consuela... heck even the kids swore she was Consuela!! OMG! Now she is the most read post EVER on my blog!! My hat tips to Seth Macfarlane for inventing such a funny cartoon maid!

So there you have it! My top 5 posts of 2011! Yeah yeah.... not as much fun as an E! Top 10 Reality TV Fails countdown, but hey..... It works for me! What were your fave posts this year?

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