Thursday, December 15, 2011


I have to express my distaste for teachers who make a large project due the week before a major holiday. WTF are they thinking?? I mean, these kids (elem.) are already celebrating the week with differently themed days, riling them up and juicing their excitement to near manic levels! Why, why, WHY would you have your kids complete a major, grade dependent project at this time? And not only that, but the teacher also made food a 40% part of the grade! (The subject is "Holidays Around The World") Monday saw a note saying each child had to make a food specific of their assigned country to present to the class on Friday. I call bullshit! They so could have done this last week!I cannot wait till this school year is over so we can be done with this woman! Sheesh.

At least my cookies are awesome!

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Russ said...

Sounds like the teacher just likes to eat. Timing sucks.