Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Gives Me Nightmares!!!

HHH says there are a few folks in this complex who are bordering on being hoarders. He'd know, since he's the maintenance man and has to go into people's condos to fix stuff. The fire department and neighbors said they couldn't get IN the condo to save the man. There was too much shit blocking every damn way in or out of the place!! I shudder that this is going to happen here. Where's that "Hoarders" show when you need it???

North Carolina Hoarder Dies In House Fire.


CHARLOTTE, NC (CBS) -- Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police say 55-year-old Thomas Burgess was trapped inside of his apartment on Queens Road Monday night because he was a hoarder. Police said Burgess had so many belongings that it appears he couldn't reach the door because items were blocking the path.

Fire investigators said many of those things were combustible and helped the fire spread. Firefighters were able to get everyone else in the complex out safely. One of those neighbors says he did all he could to get to Burgess.

Neighbor Rob Jorgeson says, "...I kicked the door as hard as I could just to get more attention, and to get it open. I yelled in there for a few yells, I don't know how many exactly, I didn't get any attention..."

Investigators say it appears the fire was caused by an electrical problem. Several other people in the complex say they had to stay elsewhere last night

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