Wednesday, December 7, 2011


  • Got our new X-Box tonight. Surprised the hell out of the kids. We were feeling guilty about not being able to go to Universal for Christmas now so we went and got it early. We got the MW3 version that came with 2 controllers and we bought a Kinect so we could play more games. They are extremely excited.
  • And yes, I did say Christmas at Universal was cancelled. Even though HHH requested Christmas week off 2 months ago, we made our reservations, and had our plans in place, the upper management that only swings by every once a week decided they didn't want only one guy working that week. Sigh....
  • Now I have to decorate for Christmas.
  • We got a smaller tree. Pre lit, fake, and green. I lobbied for a pink tree but was shot down.
  • Eldest is more excited to play MW3 than any of the other games we bought. This disturbs me a little.
  • Jr. wanted Wipeout: The Game. I see many painful evenings of fun in the future.
  • As you were people.

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Russ said...

Getting MW3 for Christmas. I want Wipeout too, but don't have the kinect controller yet. Miss L wants the Disneyland game, but again it requires the kinect.