Saturday, November 19, 2011

Weekend Off.

I haven't written a lot this weekend. I have been enjoying my time with HHH. In the fray of derby and kid stuff and his job blowing up because the owners were coming by, we had missed each other. Now that I am in a Dr. enforced vacay from derby and HHH's job has settled a bit, we are spending some quality time together. I miss quality time w/HHH.

So, I'd like you all to go over to my new gig at Buy-Her. It's a shopping and review site for women. I am getting the opportunity to write with some awesome ladies and you should go check out my new article. In fact, I think you should check out Buy-Her in the next month or so as we approach those shopping holidays that I refuse to mention because it isn't Thanksgiving yet! There are going to be gift guides from several points of view, Product tests, and all sorts of fun! Put it in your favorites, because you will surely need it!

And now, my snugly husband calls. :)

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