Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Teens Will Be The Death Of Me!

OK. On Sunday, HHH and I discovered the Eldest had secretly made herself a facebook page. Why is this a big deal, you ask? Well, after having several discussions about it, we decided to limit FB to nothing under 18. Yes this is harsh, but when you look at it, cyber bullying on social sites has gone up radically since the big crack down in schools on physical bullying. I didn't want that happening to my kids. At one point though, I did offer her a choice of either a Facebook I'd monitor closely, or a bikini for summer swimming..... she chose the bikini. So imagine our disappointment when we found Eldest had gone behind our backs and made a FB anyway. Sigh....

So, as any parent worth their salt will do, I grounded Eldest from the internet. No blog, no phone, no computer unless directly related to her homework. Even after having done all that, I still caught her on her Tumblr while she was at school. The above photo shows what I left her as a warning. I was really hurt & pissed off. Heck, when she pointed out that all her friends had a FB, I said "Just blame it on your mean old mom not allowing you to have one!" There... problem solved. Apparently not.

Then yesterday, as if to prove my point, I saw THIS! A 17 year old girl HUNG HERSELF in the bathroom at the high school Eldest would have attended if we hadn't moved in April. A couple of students found the girl before she perished, but the poor thing is in the hospital in critical condition with almost no hope of being a normal, fun loving kid ever again. She'll most likely be a vegetable for the rest of her life. So far police haven't given any reasons for the attempted suicide, but I can bet when they do, it will have to do with bullying, both cyber and real life.

Is it so wrong of me that I don't want that to happen to my beautiful daughter?

UPDATE: Police are investigating claims of bullying, both on and off line as the cause of the girls attempted suicide. I saw that coming a mile away.

SECOND UPDATE: The poor girl died this morning.

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Karl said...

Wow, sad about the girl than hung herself. I can understand why you're keeping your eldest away from Facebook until she's 18.