Friday, November 4, 2011

I'll Have My Candy With A Side Of Asphyxiation.

See this? That right there is a candy my son received from school today. Looks interesting, eh? It's a candy sold mostly in Hispanic and Asian countries. When those folks came over to the USA, they brought this tasty goody with them.

It's not very big. It's described as, "about the size of a single serve coffee creamer." Junior's class was reading a book that was set in China, and this celebration was the culmination of finishing that book. The teacher ordered Chinese food for the class, they played games from China, and they got swag bags filled with Chinese goodies. This little candy was among the treats.

Why am I concerned that my son was given this candy? Because the FDA in 2002 deemed these candies to be a major choking hazard! In a recall issued by the Food and Drug Administration, these candies were implicated in the confirmed choking deaths of 6 children, with others still being investigated. It seems when children tear off the lid and start to suck the candy out of it's plastic cup, the candy can pop out suddenly and get sucked down the throat, closing off the air way. The candy proved impossible to remove by medical professionals because the jelly was rigid and didn't dissolve like normal jellies or jello. States started seizing the shipments of candy and forbid their import. FDA also asked people to turn in markets & shops who still sell it.

I went back to Junior's school to warn the office about the candy. Because the children received it from school, if something bad happened, the school could be held liable! I was more worried about kids dying. You'd have thought I was a crazy homeless cat lady babbling nonsense on the street corner! Not only did they not really care about what I was saying, they didn't even look at the FDA website I had pulled up on my smart phone! AUGH!! And when I was reading the warning off, one of the office ladies actually SHUSHED ME when another parent entered the office!

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot!!

When Junior's teacher just happened up to the office at that exact moment, I explained to her about the candy, why it was bad, and what they should possibly do about it(ie- call the parents!), she just stared at me stupidly and said, "But one of the class moms bought it at the market! It has to be OK??" Uh, no lady. The US government is still seizing shipments of this candy monthly, and that's when it's labeled correctly! I was flabbergasted! They weren't going to do a damn thing! Even Eldest couldn't believe what happened and she said, "Oh no! Uh-uh! You don't shush my mom!". I giggle thinking about it.

So, good people.... what should I do? Let it ride and be happy knowing my kid is OK and won't be consuming the dangerous candy, or should I push the issue and go to the principal?


Dave2 said...

You can't fix stupid... even when lives are at stake. I hope that nobody is seriously hurt or killed by such gross negligence after you went through the trouble to try and warn them. Shameful, really.

phinz said...

Well, why bother with the principal? Really. Go to the media. Local newspaper, local tv, post a video on youTube, etc. I think the reaction you got in the office is indicative of the school's position.

I find it highly ironic that they outlaw anybody bringing peanut butter sandwiches to school because ONE kid might be allergic, yet allow something in that could injure or kill numerous students.

Nanna said...

I agree with phinz. Well, in all fairness, I would try speaking to the principal first, and if that doesn't get you anywhere, I would speak to someone in the media BECAUSE, what if some kid in the class DOES choke on it?

Frompster said...

A letter (email) to the superintendent, principal, and school board with a cc to a local tv station and an attorney.

phinz said...

Frompster's idea is best. Do that!