Saturday, November 26, 2011


I have lived in the south all my life. In the south, we love our football. I can remember being in school... it was Junior High football on Wednesdays, JV on Thursdays, Varsity on Fridays, College on Saturdays, and NFL on Sundays. The Fall ran like clockwork. Being in the band meant I was always doing something on the weekends and it was awesome! I loved my football. I would cheer with the rest of the crowd. Along the way, I learned that a good sport beats being an ignorant, screaming redneck any day. I learned using racial slurs, homophobic slurs, or any kind of slurs in general just reflects poorly on you and your team.

Having learned all those lessons, it is with great disappointment that I saw many of the folks I follow on Twitter and FB jeering UF during the Gators vs. Seminoles football game. Statements like "Great play Gay-tors!" or "Hahaha... nice try fags." and on and on and on. I left Twitter and FB after the first few jabs, but really.... I expected better. I expected folks who are GROWN UPS to have a little dignity and grace, whether they win or lose. Haven't we all progressed beyond that shit?

I know UF is sucking hind teat this year. Heck, folks have been waiting for Timmy and Urban to take a hike so UF would be vulnerable again, but all programs have their ups and downs. UF is in a down. That's ok. What isn't ok is using hateful slurs that are wrong to cheer on your team.

That's NOT ok.

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