Tuesday, November 1, 2011



That's how long Kim K. was married to her hubby Kris before filing for divorce. And yeah sure, other Hollywood folks have had it worse.

Zellweger/Chesney- 4 Months
Pam Anderson/Rick Solomon- 2 Months
Eddie Murphy/Tracy Edmonds-2 Weeks
and the best....

Jason Alexander/Britney Spears- 54 HOURS!

These wonderful examples of fidelity, trust, and til death do us part are so awesome. They make me want to throw up actually. I'm going on 11 years with HHH. I had 7 into the one with jerkface ex husband. Yet through all of this, there's just one thing I DO NOT understand.....

How in the hell are these people preserving the sanctity of marriage, yet two people of the same sex, who love each other and are completely committed to each other aren't allowed to marry.


I shake my head in silent, mortified, disgust.


melvin said...

Hello, very attractive scene of family.

Vicky said...

So true!

Dave2 said...

But they look so happy!

Probably thinking of the 18 million dollars they got for getting "married." I know I would be!