Wednesday, November 16, 2011

A 4-Way.

No, not like that. I mean a 4 way stop intersection. I have waxed poetic on people's non-use of their turn signals, their inability to check their blind spot, and douche bag parkers, and now I thought I'd hit on the new nemesis of the 21st century, the 4 way stop.

Now when I was in school taking driver's ed from Mr. McCool, who was once a hard ass FHP patrolman, I had to watch an infomercial from the 1970's on how to navigate a 4 way stop. I learned that 4 way stops were kind of a first come, first serve sort of thing. If you are the first car to arrive, you get to go first. If all four cars arrive at the same time, then drivers are supposed to defer to the driver to the right.(I always wondered if that would result in an endless circle, but I digress...) So this all seems simple, right?


The folks I drive around with here are nuts! And the fact that most of the time I'm driving in school zones just make it worse! These are PARENTS driving this poorly! I have to deal with 3 different 4 way stops and those folks just have no patience. I have almost been t boned, clipped, side swiped, and head on'd at each of those different stops. One guy had the gall to call me a bitch while he jumped 3 other cars to try and plow through the intersection!! I flipped him off and gave him a rather loud vocal salute as well(man, derby has made me vociferous.).

What I want to know is, when did the rules of driving change so much that 4 way stops are no longer being treated with courtesy and are now a frickin' free for all?? Have we sunk so low in the way of courtesy that people only live by the "Every Man For Himself" rule?

How long till I need a side mounted bazooka?


Christina LMT said...

Heh, try driving in Boston, or Massachusetts in general! NOBODY stops at stop signs, you're lucky if they even slow down...

Megan said...

Nobody knows how to behave at a 4-way stop, which is why they just shouldn't have them.

My strategy is to attempt to follow the rules and then if that doesn't work just let everyone else go. Better to get where you're going in one piece than be right.

Russ said...

They are mere suggestions anyway! Honestly, I would rather see traffic circles. I've used them when driving in Europe (and even a couple around my house) and they make traffic move so much smoother. It's simple, you have an opening, take it. No opening, don't go.

So long as you don't make the circles with too many rings, you won't get caught in a Clarke Griswald moment (see European Vacation).