Saturday, October 29, 2011


I had the distinct pleasure to have lunch with Dave, otherwise known as @Blogography!!! OMG! I had been wanting to rectify my horrible first meeting with Dave ever since Avitoween 2 years ago when I was so overwhelmed with all the awesome at the party and could only manage a quick "Hi" before retreating to a safe corner! We met at the Hard Rock Casino in Tampa and had lunch in the Hard Rock Cafe there. It was nice. We chatted at length about his travels, roller derby, and stuff in general! I was so glad I was able to redact my crazy nut job behavior from years earlier! Lunch was pleasant, the company was excellent, and it was all in all one of the nicest afternoons I'd had in a while!

It even made having to put up with the Doomsday Soothsayer guy on the corner of SR60 and Providence Blvd worth it!


Karl said...

Very cool, you lucky gal.

Megan said...

So glad you got to spend time together!

Dave2 said...

Thanks so much for meeting me for lunch! It was great to see you! Fabulous even! :-)