Tuesday, October 25, 2011


So. Doctor yesterday. It seems I have a severely strained triceps muscle in my right arm. Apparently my elbow wasn't completely dislocated when I hit the floor after that illegal back block, only partially out of place, which was why I was able to pop it back in myself.(It still HURT like Hell!) What I had seen on WebMD was pretty much what the guy told me to do... ice, compression, elevation, & rest. When he asked me how I did this, I told him about playing roller derby, the bout, the grudge match it was, and the illegal hit that took me down! Man, did his eyes get wide! The first thing he said after that was, "No derby for two weeks."

Well crap!

So then when I took my meds he prescribed, I barfed. I don't do heavy pain meds well. I tell people this before they try to give me scripts for things like Lortabs, oxy, you name it.... I'm a light weight. (and I'm glad of that!) So instead of going to derby practice to show off my war wounds, I ended up feeling all pukey and nasty at home. Bummer. Also.... ARM SLINGS ARE ANNOYING!!!

So anywhoo...... I'm gonna be gimping it up around here for the next couple weeks. Feel free to come over & help me clean my house, cook a meal for us, or drive my kids all over Hell & Creation.... because all that shit was a PITA yesterday!

Still, it makes for a great story to be able to say, "Yeah, I took an illegal hit to the back, throwing me forward to the floor and dislocating my elbow, but it was cool. I popped it back in on the bench then went back out to finish the half and help win the game!" How many folks can say THAT?!?

PS- I also suck at putting the compression bandage back on my right arm w/my LEFT hand! I should video the process so you all can have a good laugh!


Karl said...

That sucks that painkillers make you sick. I'd be in trouble without mine. Take it easy for a couple of weeks, and I hope you're feeling better in no time.

Russ said...

Yikes! Rest up, get better.