Sunday, October 23, 2011


We won! 144 to 113. It was a hard battle. The SQS girls were hitting pretty hard. Some of the hits weren't exactly legal, thus after the half, I was blatantly back blocked and thrown forward in a superman sprawl, hyper extending my right arm's elbow. After the jam was called, I gimped back to the bench holding my arm. It hurt really bad. My elbow was tight, and the pain was all up to my shoulder. I was gingerly trying to extend my arm when I heard & felt a loud....


Yup, I had popped my own elbow back into place! It hurt. I was OMGWTFBBQ-ing for about 2 minutes but then it was time to go back in and play! What? You think I'd miss a chance to defeat my old team?? HELL NO!! So we kept at it, finally winning the bout! I was excited. All of the new girls for whom this was their very first bout were over the moon! It was great to see 8 newly skirted Bombers working so hard!

Now, I gotta make a Doctor's Appointment! Remember, Derby Love/Derby Hurts!

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Megan said...

Ow. Hope you're better soon! xo