Monday, October 17, 2011

Please Explain To Me.....

Why every time I have a bout coming up, I end up getting hammered in the practices right before it??? Because really..... it's getting old. Just at Monday Night's practice:

  1. Got hammered from behind by the jammer, took a full speed back block, and ended out Superman-ing out onto the floor where the jammer promptly tripped and landed on top of me!
  2. Took an elbow to the boobs on the sideline from a team mate who was enthusiastically explaining something to someone.
  1. Was doing a wall drill when I faked & juked out of Yakuza's way to avoid the hit and keep my wall intact, but my team mate next to me wasn't so lucky, and when Yakuza took her down in a flurry of arms, legs, and skates, one of them kicked out and nailed me right in the front side of my ankle, right where the shin ends and the ankle begins. OW! I rolled off the track on that one!
So, what is it about the fact I need to stay healthy for a bout that instantly attracts injury?? Maybe we're all trying too hard, I don't know. Right now, I'm icing my ankle..... AGAIN!

At least it wasn't the one I rolled!

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