Sunday, October 23, 2011

Photos From Saturday Night

This shot was taken in the first half. The black SQS Jammer is on the ground because I knocked her out. What you don't see is that right before this happened, I had also hit the same jammer on turn 3.... right off her skates and into the penalty box! It was my best hit of the night!
Here we are pushing the black team of SQS girls out of the way so our jammer (behind me) can scoot through.
Obligatory winning team shot!

So there you go. I have helped beat my old team now twice! Once as the Sarasota Roller Girls, ad now under their new moniker, the Suncoast Quad Squad. It was especially great because two more ladies from my old team had come over and played with us against SQS, garnering what I think was their first career wins. One of them even scored 24 points in a single jam! After it was over, she commented that "I don't think I've ever scored that many points in a single bout ever!"

Teamwork. It works yo!

Special thanks to Menopausal Maniac for taking those shots.

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