Tuesday, October 25, 2011

More Shots!

I'm skating behind #36 trying to get up in front to snow plow the line. Our jammer is right behind me following the path I'm cutting through the other team.

Here is a shot where I'm getting ready to cut in and clear cut the girl in the skull shorts w/the star on her face! I actually hit her a lot, and she wouldn't even speak to me later! C'mon.... it's just derby folks! ;)

Fighting, yet again, to have control of the front of the pack!

This shot makes it look like Terri & I are holding hands, but we were really smacking each other around to get control of the inside line. (I promise!!)

And, my favorite thus far..... this is the shot where 2 seconds later I hit the jammer so hard she flew airborne into the steel chairs in the penalty box! Look at those toe stops dig in as I'm running to hit her! Best hit I made all night!

Now I think there are 2 more photographers who have yet to put in their photos, so I'll be bothering you again with more photos soon. Let's hope I find other stuff to write about between now and then!

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