Thursday, October 27, 2011

I Am Disappoint!

Don't hate.

Nobody likes haters. We should be lifting each other up, not tearing others and ultimately ourselves down. I am a duck, and your comments will roll off my back. I'm sorry if I offended you with my enthusiasm, my good humor, and my excitement. I meant no harm. I admired your spirit openly to my team mates, extolling your virtues (and your weaknesses) as only someone who had been a member of your team before could. There was no hate, only admiration.

Being stabbed at by one of your members hurt. It hurt badly. I was goaded into a response before I thought better of it, but really only expressed my disappointment before taking the advice of my current team mates and closing the conversation. Then came the tittering calls of others being attacked, questioned, accused! What will this accomplish?

Listen folks... it's derby. Just derby. It's not a major deal. In the scheme of things, it matters no more than my daily jaunt to the grocer. What I want YOU to take away from this is even at the almost professional levels like the WFTDA Championships, after the bout is over, the pads are shucked, and the scoreboard is turned off, no amount of hate, bile, or whining ever changes anything! No one will go back and change your score. No referee will change their call. No coach will hand you back a win they got. MOVE ON.

Let's be adults here. I made mistakes. Others made mistakes too. Like I said, it's derby. 10 women knocking the shit out of each other in a mad dash around an oval makes a situation where mistakes get made. The important thing is for us to LEARN from it, not use it as a poison.

Let's all be grown up, shall we?

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