Friday, October 28, 2011

Good Eats!

Went to meet Alton Brown last night. He was signing books at the local Books A Bajillion. It was quite a wait, but I got up there finally. He's actually quite thinner in person. I guess that's the camera adding 10 pounds! He was nice, though quick(there were 400+ people there) and posed for photos. Mine is above. I was tired by the time I got up there and I wasn't paying attention when he went in for the hug, so you see me there smiling but I'm actually gritting my teeth as he is firmly squishing my bad elbow/arm! I do have to say, he was very kind. So kind, in fact, that he stayed 3 hours past the closing of the bookstore so everyone who had come to meet him had their chance! It's nice when a celebrity is kind instead of being a jerk. Made my evening!

So that's all the excitement I got. How about you folks?


Karl said...

That was cool he stayed so long. Cool picture!

Kevin said...

Alton Brown?? Rock on!

I love when celebrities stay late to accommodate fans. That's truly gracious of them and their fans will always remember it. Alton... you da geek!

Russ said...

I met him a few years back. Cool guy, even though he is a UGA grad. He has lost a bunch of weight over the last year or two. So while the camera may add a pound or two, he has more than compensated for it.