Monday, October 3, 2011

Pew Pew Pew

  • Dropped my name into the hat for the October 22nd bout against the Sarasota Quad Squad (My old SRG team reborn.). It's the last one of the season. It's your last chance to see me play this year. GET YOUR CANDY ASSES OUT TO SARASOTA!
  • Rebecca goes for her internship orientation at MOSI this Saturday from 9-2pm. That means I'm going to miss a practice. I'll have to make it up by picking up a speed skate practice on Thursday. I have to make my attendance requirement. (We usually go to Saturday & Monday night.)
  • Two of the girls who have turned over to Bradentucky from the Sarasota Quad Squad also put their names into the hat for the bout. This should be gooooooooood! >:-)
  • My ankle and knee are holding up remarkably well despite all they've been through this season. I am excited. I'm hoping they make it through the physical tests in November!
  • And now.... bye bye!

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