Monday, October 31, 2011


We had all of about 5 kids come to the house, but my offspring did very well when they branched out into the rest of the neighborhood. One half full pillowcase, plus full buckets for each kid. We will be rolling in candy for QUITE a while. Hope you all made out as well!

Happy Halloween!

Saturday, October 29, 2011


I had the distinct pleasure to have lunch with Dave, otherwise known as @Blogography!!! OMG! I had been wanting to rectify my horrible first meeting with Dave ever since Avitoween 2 years ago when I was so overwhelmed with all the awesome at the party and could only manage a quick "Hi" before retreating to a safe corner! We met at the Hard Rock Casino in Tampa and had lunch in the Hard Rock Cafe there. It was nice. We chatted at length about his travels, roller derby, and stuff in general! I was so glad I was able to redact my crazy nut job behavior from years earlier! Lunch was pleasant, the company was excellent, and it was all in all one of the nicest afternoons I'd had in a while!

It even made having to put up with the Doomsday Soothsayer guy on the corner of SR60 and Providence Blvd worth it!

Friday, October 28, 2011


A few days ago, I wrote an entry about how I was being hated on on FB. Seems some folks didn't like how I played. I said mea culpa for any unintentional penalties I may have caused, (BTW- I didn't go to the box the ENTIRE bout!) and said we should just let it lie. I promptly got unfriended. No big loss.

So, dear people, I present to you all what pissed off my major detractor. At 1:15 the camera pans around(I'm in the red helmet & tank top.) and you'll see me J block the jammer INTO the penalty box chairs. This is apparently what pissed her off. Oh well.....

What do you guys think?? Remember, 1:15 to 1:39. I need your honest opinion!

Good Eats!

Went to meet Alton Brown last night. He was signing books at the local Books A Bajillion. It was quite a wait, but I got up there finally. He's actually quite thinner in person. I guess that's the camera adding 10 pounds! He was nice, though quick(there were 400+ people there) and posed for photos. Mine is above. I was tired by the time I got up there and I wasn't paying attention when he went in for the hug, so you see me there smiling but I'm actually gritting my teeth as he is firmly squishing my bad elbow/arm! I do have to say, he was very kind. So kind, in fact, that he stayed 3 hours past the closing of the bookstore so everyone who had come to meet him had their chance! It's nice when a celebrity is kind instead of being a jerk. Made my evening!

So that's all the excitement I got. How about you folks?

Thursday, October 27, 2011

I Am Disappoint!

Don't hate.

Nobody likes haters. We should be lifting each other up, not tearing others and ultimately ourselves down. I am a duck, and your comments will roll off my back. I'm sorry if I offended you with my enthusiasm, my good humor, and my excitement. I meant no harm. I admired your spirit openly to my team mates, extolling your virtues (and your weaknesses) as only someone who had been a member of your team before could. There was no hate, only admiration.

Being stabbed at by one of your members hurt. It hurt badly. I was goaded into a response before I thought better of it, but really only expressed my disappointment before taking the advice of my current team mates and closing the conversation. Then came the tittering calls of others being attacked, questioned, accused! What will this accomplish?

Listen folks... it's derby. Just derby. It's not a major deal. In the scheme of things, it matters no more than my daily jaunt to the grocer. What I want YOU to take away from this is even at the almost professional levels like the WFTDA Championships, after the bout is over, the pads are shucked, and the scoreboard is turned off, no amount of hate, bile, or whining ever changes anything! No one will go back and change your score. No referee will change their call. No coach will hand you back a win they got. MOVE ON.

Let's be adults here. I made mistakes. Others made mistakes too. Like I said, it's derby. 10 women knocking the shit out of each other in a mad dash around an oval makes a situation where mistakes get made. The important thing is for us to LEARN from it, not use it as a poison.

Let's all be grown up, shall we?

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

More Shots!

I'm skating behind #36 trying to get up in front to snow plow the line. Our jammer is right behind me following the path I'm cutting through the other team.

Here is a shot where I'm getting ready to cut in and clear cut the girl in the skull shorts w/the star on her face! I actually hit her a lot, and she wouldn't even speak to me later! C'mon.... it's just derby folks! ;)

Fighting, yet again, to have control of the front of the pack!

This shot makes it look like Terri & I are holding hands, but we were really smacking each other around to get control of the inside line. (I promise!!)

And, my favorite thus far..... this is the shot where 2 seconds later I hit the jammer so hard she flew airborne into the steel chairs in the penalty box! Look at those toe stops dig in as I'm running to hit her! Best hit I made all night!

Now I think there are 2 more photographers who have yet to put in their photos, so I'll be bothering you again with more photos soon. Let's hope I find other stuff to write about between now and then!


So. Doctor yesterday. It seems I have a severely strained triceps muscle in my right arm. Apparently my elbow wasn't completely dislocated when I hit the floor after that illegal back block, only partially out of place, which was why I was able to pop it back in myself.(It still HURT like Hell!) What I had seen on WebMD was pretty much what the guy told me to do... ice, compression, elevation, & rest. When he asked me how I did this, I told him about playing roller derby, the bout, the grudge match it was, and the illegal hit that took me down! Man, did his eyes get wide! The first thing he said after that was, "No derby for two weeks."

Well crap!

So then when I took my meds he prescribed, I barfed. I don't do heavy pain meds well. I tell people this before they try to give me scripts for things like Lortabs, oxy, you name it.... I'm a light weight. (and I'm glad of that!) So instead of going to derby practice to show off my war wounds, I ended up feeling all pukey and nasty at home. Bummer. Also.... ARM SLINGS ARE ANNOYING!!!

So anywhoo...... I'm gonna be gimping it up around here for the next couple weeks. Feel free to come over & help me clean my house, cook a meal for us, or drive my kids all over Hell & Creation.... because all that shit was a PITA yesterday!

Still, it makes for a great story to be able to say, "Yeah, I took an illegal hit to the back, throwing me forward to the floor and dislocating my elbow, but it was cool. I popped it back in on the bench then went back out to finish the half and help win the game!" How many folks can say THAT?!?

PS- I also suck at putting the compression bandage back on my right arm w/my LEFT hand! I should video the process so you all can have a good laugh!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Photos From Saturday Night

This shot was taken in the first half. The black SQS Jammer is on the ground because I knocked her out. What you don't see is that right before this happened, I had also hit the same jammer on turn 3.... right off her skates and into the penalty box! It was my best hit of the night!
Here we are pushing the black team of SQS girls out of the way so our jammer (behind me) can scoot through.
Obligatory winning team shot!

So there you go. I have helped beat my old team now twice! Once as the Sarasota Roller Girls, ad now under their new moniker, the Suncoast Quad Squad. It was especially great because two more ladies from my old team had come over and played with us against SQS, garnering what I think was their first career wins. One of them even scored 24 points in a single jam! After it was over, she commented that "I don't think I've ever scored that many points in a single bout ever!"

Teamwork. It works yo!

Special thanks to Menopausal Maniac for taking those shots.


We won! 144 to 113. It was a hard battle. The SQS girls were hitting pretty hard. Some of the hits weren't exactly legal, thus after the half, I was blatantly back blocked and thrown forward in a superman sprawl, hyper extending my right arm's elbow. After the jam was called, I gimped back to the bench holding my arm. It hurt really bad. My elbow was tight, and the pain was all up to my shoulder. I was gingerly trying to extend my arm when I heard & felt a loud....


Yup, I had popped my own elbow back into place! It hurt. I was OMGWTFBBQ-ing for about 2 minutes but then it was time to go back in and play! What? You think I'd miss a chance to defeat my old team?? HELL NO!! So we kept at it, finally winning the bout! I was excited. All of the new girls for whom this was their very first bout were over the moon! It was great to see 8 newly skirted Bombers working so hard!

Now, I gotta make a Doctor's Appointment! Remember, Derby Love/Derby Hurts!

Friday, October 21, 2011

Best Halloween Decore EVAR!

OMG! I want to do this to my home too! Mad props to this guy!!

PS- If you can't get the video above to work, click here.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

I Can Haz.....

Heh... I've been LOL-ing again. I couldn't help but take a few shots of the ducklings teasing Fluffy this afternoon. They actually got a lot closer, practically up to the screen door! I thought the sentiment above best described Fluffy's thought at the exact moment I took the photo. Hope I make the ICHC home page again!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011


We had a new crop of baby duck hatch out a few days ago. This will probably be the last of them seeing as how winter is fast approaching. These ones just waddled right up to me and I reached down and picked one up and held it out for Mo to pet. Then I had to put the little fella down, seeing as how his mama started making loud honking and hissing noises! They're cute. Maybe I'll get on Squee again!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

I Feel Old Now.....

This is a note I found in Eldest's bookbag, (because I am that nosy mom who checks stuff out). It's pretty typical... till you get to the third sentance. Why yes, it does say "I don't really know what to write but this is like e-mailing on paper!"

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot!

I feel old now.

Oh and PS- Eldest's friend really REALLY doesn't like Ryan!

Monday, October 17, 2011

Please Explain To Me.....

Why every time I have a bout coming up, I end up getting hammered in the practices right before it??? Because really..... it's getting old. Just at Monday Night's practice:

  1. Got hammered from behind by the jammer, took a full speed back block, and ended out Superman-ing out onto the floor where the jammer promptly tripped and landed on top of me!
  2. Took an elbow to the boobs on the sideline from a team mate who was enthusiastically explaining something to someone.
  1. Was doing a wall drill when I faked & juked out of Yakuza's way to avoid the hit and keep my wall intact, but my team mate next to me wasn't so lucky, and when Yakuza took her down in a flurry of arms, legs, and skates, one of them kicked out and nailed me right in the front side of my ankle, right where the shin ends and the ankle begins. OW! I rolled off the track on that one!
So, what is it about the fact I need to stay healthy for a bout that instantly attracts injury?? Maybe we're all trying too hard, I don't know. Right now, I'm icing my ankle..... AGAIN!

At least it wasn't the one I rolled!

Sunday, October 16, 2011


I am trying like hell to get better for this Saturday's bout. It's my last one for the season. I'm skating with the new class of girls that passed their betty training a few months ago. It's a bout against Sarasota(my old team) so I have a leg up on knowing what the girls skate like already, however, this cold I caught is giving me serious hell. I spent Sunday in bed while HHH & the kids took care of the house. HHH & I even left Derby Prom early last night because I wasn't feeling so good and we had such a long drive back home. Sigh. I have to make Monday night & Saturday morning practice to have my attendance requirement met for this game and if I can't get better and be able to BREATHE normally that ain't gonna happen.



Didn't win anything, no one sat by us, but everyone loved the chocolate fountain.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Bullets From The Sickly.

  • Middle daughter, Mo, has her first school dance. She saved up for the ticket and when she went to school to buy it, it seems there as a boy that she knows who brought another $5 to buy her a ticket so she could go as his date if he wanted!! OMG!! My tomboy, bully killer, roller girl has a boy admirer! IN 6TH GRADE!!!! AUGH! I don't know whether to die from the cuteness of it or be afraid!
  • Eldest gave me her pestilence and now I'm really sick. I tried to stave it off with Zicam, but it must have been too far along to help. Now I'm sipping gatorade, nibbling small amounts of food, and sneezing my fool head off.
  • Sprint has just sent us a letter, informing us that they will be discontinuing their Unlimited plans as of December 31st, 2011. They were the last company to have unlimited plans and even started a campaign touting that fact to the AT&T and Verizon customers. So, if you're thinking about switching to Sprint, DON'T!!
  • Eldest is now a working intern at MOSI. She did her first shift Wednesday. She seems to have had a lot of fun. She worked several places in the buildings like the Highwire Bike, The Kids Rule, and the Hurricane Tunnel, and even got out to the Butterfly Garden! She's going to be great! She loves to talk to people! She even has a nametag!! I'm extremely proud of her.
  • I feel like crap. Wrapped in poop. I hate colds.
  • Junior seems to be discovering girls, well, the girls in the roller derby. He leans towards 3 in particular and lucky for me I'm friends with their moms. There was a lively FB discussion about boys, girls, & hormones on one of the mom's walls and it was just hilarious, but honestly, he's still a momma's boy. He loves to spend time with me and I'm not sure I wanna give that up! (Back off ladies!)
  • AH-CHOO!!!
  • I need to bleach my hair.
So there you go.... I'm going to take more cold meds.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Ah hab a code.


I know, I know.... it's been a little quiet around here. It's been a busy weekend and now week. The kids have been sick all weekend since last Friday so that has kept us down. Eldest had her internship orientation on Saturday and that went well. She starts on Wednesday. I'm starting to get sick now too, which is going to make getting my attendance in to be rostered for the last bout of the season difficult. Damn these change of season colds!

Eh... I'm sure I'll find my groove soon.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Made. Of. Awesome.

I got an email today from Amy McCarthy at saying her article about Junior Roller Derby & our family had gone live in the October issue of the online magazine on page 24. It is so awesome! Junior Roller Derby is the greatest at teaching kids to use teamwork and gain confidence. I've also been thankful for all the time I've had with my kids thanks to derby. Go give it a read and if you could, G+1 it, Tweet, and FB it. The more we can get the word out about this great sport & the organizations that keep it going, the better.

Remember, the family that rolls together, stays together!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Best. Mom. EVAR!!!!!!!

So if you follow me on Twitter, you saw me bitching about almost wrecking the van because of some heinous bitch and her poor driving skills. It went like this....

I had just picked up my son from his ES. We were talking about his day, what he was doing in class, what kind of homework he had for the evening.... you know the drill. I drive down a residential, 2 lane street lined with nice housing developments & neighborhoods. The speed limit is 30MPH because the road curves and twists back on itself quite a bit. As it was school let out time, I was driving EXACTLY 30MPH. As I pass a side street into another neighborhood, I saw a small, 4 door, silver car screech up to the stop sign. The slight woman behind the wheel slammed her fists into the steering wheel when she saw I was too close for her to pull out from the side street. Junior and I continued on at 30MPH, approaching a curve in the road when Silver Sedan BITCH come roaring around us on the left side! She's actually passing us on a blind curve on a double yellow line! Top that off with an oncoming car in the opposite lane and we had a recipe for disaster! So instead of hitting her brakes and stopping, this IDIOT actually cuts her wheels hard and comes right at us! I screamed and hit the horn AND the brakes as this complete moron ran us up onto the grass and sidewalk.

This is the part I'm not proud of....

I got angry. I got EXTREMELY angry. I'm surprised I didn't turn green and come busting out of my clothes a la She Hulk. I pulled back on to the road and followed the twit. I followed her as she blew down the small road. I followed her as she turned right onto the side street that leads me to my house. I followed her till she finally had to stop again for a red light. I'm surprised she didn't run the light the way she was driving. I put my van in park, got out and slammed my hand down flat on her trunk! The woman screamed. She was in her own little world. I yelled at her for running us off the road, for almost wrecking my vehicle, for being a self absorbed asshole. She actually had the gall to tell me I had her mistaken for someone else, that there was another car that ran her off the road as well, blah, blah, blah,..... I told her there was one problem with her story....


She continued to protest her innocence and curse me for accusing her of running us down. I think that pissed me off the most. THEN, the fucking bitch said something that galled me most of all... she said "Oh mah GAWD! You scared my dog!" Yup... I scared her dog. No matter she ran my son and I off a road and onto a sidewalk that was being traveled by elementary school children walking home from school, almost wrecked into us, sped, and drove like a crazy woman.... I scared her dog.

Fucking Twat.

The part I'm not proud of is I did all this in front of my son. Yeah he was cheering me on and encouraging me to punch the bitch, but still, I never should have lost my shit in front of him. And it doesn't matter that I can try and explain my behavior by saying she nudged my mother bear instincts etc.... I just shouldn't have done it. The. End.

Sigh...... Role model I'm not, Roller Girl I am. I guess it was good he wasn't scared, but I still explained to him that Mom was wrong for losing her shit even though the woman REALLY deserved it. I think he understood. I want my kids to deal with assholes better than that.

There are just so many damn assholes out there......

Monday, October 3, 2011

Pew Pew Pew

  • Dropped my name into the hat for the October 22nd bout against the Sarasota Quad Squad (My old SRG team reborn.). It's the last one of the season. It's your last chance to see me play this year. GET YOUR CANDY ASSES OUT TO SARASOTA!
  • Rebecca goes for her internship orientation at MOSI this Saturday from 9-2pm. That means I'm going to miss a practice. I'll have to make it up by picking up a speed skate practice on Thursday. I have to make my attendance requirement. (We usually go to Saturday & Monday night.)
  • Two of the girls who have turned over to Bradentucky from the Sarasota Quad Squad also put their names into the hat for the bout. This should be gooooooooood! >:-)
  • My ankle and knee are holding up remarkably well despite all they've been through this season. I am excited. I'm hoping they make it through the physical tests in November!
  • And now.... bye bye!

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Derby Violence.

With nods & apologies to Simon & Garfunkel.

Hello Advil my old friend
I've come to see you yet again
My ankle & my knee are tweaking
My old bones, loudly they are creaking
And the bruises that are scattered on my frame
Still remain
Because I love derby violence.