Wednesday, September 28, 2011

What Fuckery Is This?

I'm sorry, but the guy mentioned below had just had half his leg eaten off by a SHARK! You're telling me PETA has nothing better to do than try and warn people, "Hey buddy, if you go fishing, a shark's gonna get ya!"?? This is why no one takes PETA seriously and also why I will always see the letters PETA and think, People Eating Tasty Animals. Jeeze.....

In wake of shark tale, PETA plans anti-fishing campaign for Manatee


People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals is using CJ Wickersham's survival of a shark attack to bring its anti-fishing message to Manatee County.

“We are glad that Mr. Wickersham will be OK,” said Ashley Byrne, a spokeswoman for People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, also known as PETA.

“But we hope after this painful experience he will consider the terror and pain that fish feel when they are impaled and suffocated to death and consider taking up another pastime.”

Wickersham was attacked Saturday while fishing off Anna Maria Island. He suffered a serious injury to his leg, and was rescued by his friends.

PETA is looking to either put up a billboard or bus bench advertisements in Manatee County in response to Wickersham’s spear fishing.

“Sharks attack and kill to survive, but we humans can choose not to eat fish or go fishing,” Byrne said.

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Russ said...

They're a bunch of nutters anyway. I pay them no attention. Although, they did have one of their nekkid girls in cages demonstrations when I did a class trip in high school. Good times.