Friday, September 2, 2011

Sweet Dreams?

The other night, I had a really weird dream. Really REALLY weird. The details aren't very clear, now that it's been 3 days gone since I had it, but usually I don't ever remember my dreams unless they were really strange.

This was a strange one.

I was at the beach. It was a balmy day. The sun was out, but it wasn't too hot. I remember thinking that was strange for Florida in the summer, but eh.... it was nice. I was dressed in a simple white t-shirt and pair of denim cut off shorts. The beach was empty, save a couple of people I apparently knew. They walked up to me and ask if I'd seen anyone. I mention that there hasn't been anyone but them on the beach for a while and they shake their heads and look worried. The first person says they haven't seen anyone either. The second person says that they haven't seen any ships on the water. We look at each other and suddenly realize we are actually on an island. Then I look down at my hands and I'm holding a basket of sugar cookies. I'm sitting on a picnic blanket....and the sugar cookies are in the shape of ginger bread men.... and I'm making doll clothing for the damn cookies, seemingly out of thin air! WTH man?!? And not only that, I made a mini Darth Vader outfit for the damn cookie I was handing to the first person and they were just tickled pink, saying "Holy crap! You're really crafty!" Then it looked like the tide was coming in, so the first person extended their hand to me to help me up, and we all start walking down the beach. From there it gets fuzzy, there's a tiki bar, some Mai Tais, and a luau, but still only us 3 there on the island. After a few Mai Tais.... things get very fuzzy and the next thing I remember is waking up to my alarm at 6am. See? WEIRD!!! I'm sure there were conversations that took place in the dream. I seem to recall one was about a storm stranding us there in the first place, but the thing that weirded me out about it all was, if I'm stranded on a tropical deserted island, why am I not losing my shit trying to figure out a way to get the hell out of there?? And where did the tiki bar come from?? And why is there a luau, electricity, and food on a deserted island cut off from the mainland??? And more importantly,....

What the fuck did I drink or eat before bed the night before to have such a weird dream?

So there you have it. I wonder what oddities are in store for me tonight?

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