Sunday, September 4, 2011


I got a poll for you folks to take. I got to thinking the other day, "What is sexy?". Is it a certain hair color? Is it strength? Body type? Smile? What is it??

I'm Sexy Because...
  1. I'm strong. I'm not a body builder, but at almost 40 I play women's flat track roller derby. I have to train really hard. Recetly I have been trying to train even harder. I started back running after an injury to my ACL in my right knee and even added on doing roadwork on skates 2x a week. I get really sweaty and almost down right nasty. HHH says that I'm totally sexy like that!
  2. I can cook. Not just nuke a TV dinner cook, but I have catered weddings, parties, and events. I learned most of what I know when we lived in Memphis, but still had quite a bit of knowledge before then. Being able to cook good food is essential. Did I mention I can bake too? ;)
  3. I play Roller Derby. Yeah yeah... I know I said that in #1 but dude.... I PLAY ROLLER DERBY! I inflict pain and take hits from women sometimes twice my size. I have had concussions, ACL tear in my knee, rotator cuff tear, and hematomas! I have also broken bones (other people's) and inflicted just as much back as I've taken. Plus, I get to dress in fishnet stockings, tights, and short skirts. (with appropriate under coverage, of course!)
So what do you folks think? What is sexy to you?

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