Thursday, September 22, 2011


This is the face(and hair) of a serious parent, don't hate!

Went to Junior's Open House last night and OMG!!!

His teacher is wrapped!

Wrapped as in that woman is so tight, if you stuck a lump of coal up her ass, you'd get a diamond in less than a week! While all the other classes had teachers just roaming around the classroom, talking to parents here and there, this woman had us all sit down and went over the 4 page newsletter she sent home THE FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL! Oh yes, and then she went in depth and even more detail than the newsletter was originally! Holy crap! And there were 4 more handouts!

Then there was the look. You know the look..... the one you get when you are wearing something that the teacher of your child's class disapproves of? Yeah... that look. Apparently, red/pink hair with black highlights is frowned upon in her establishment! Add to that I was wearing my derby jersey and yeah, I may as well been a leper to her. (All the other parents that were there as well.) Oh well, Derby Girl problems and all that! I never said I wasn't trouble! Lucky for us, Junior had the most stickers, 100's on all his work that he showed us, and no trouble marks.

Can't wait till the next open house!

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