Monday, September 19, 2011

Our New Experiment!

Eldest asked me for a blog the other day.


That's my OMG-ometer going off. I realize she's getting older and wants to write, but oh man.... I'm going to have to keep a close eye on this one. So after looking at all the options, we decided on a Tumblr. It is short, sweet, and you can pop in with any old idea you have and throw it up on there. We made it last night and she has been exploring ever since then.

Sooooooooo.... If you have the time, check out Dumb Blonde Philosophy, her title, not mine. Give her a visit and an encouraging word or two.


UPDATE: Ok, the link I have directs people to a log in page so we will have to work on that. As far as I can tell, her blog isn't visible right now. Technical difficulties and all that! Let's try this then.

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Bluepaintred said...

do I need to have a tumbler account then? the link took me to a log in page :(