Monday, September 5, 2011


We didn't do much for Labor Day. Slept in, lazed in bed, watch TV, and basically did NOTHING! That's what Labor Day is about, right? Well, it should be. In fact, the only "labor" I did today was having HHH drive us up to the Home Depot and help the kids and I pick out some full sun perennials to go out front of our apartment! I went with Purple Fountain Grass, Yellow Shrimp Plant, and some pink climbing vine! As you can see.... it's just lovely! Can't wait till it starts coming in really well. It looks so much better than the half dead bushes that were there! Heh.... there are definite perks to being married to the maintenance supervisor.

After that, it was time to pack up the car and head for derby! There I labored with the Juniors, then 2 hours with my ladies. I can't move my legs! We scrimmaged all night because we have a bout on 9/11. Hoping to get in on that action, but not holding my breath. My attendance has been spotty because of school starting. Meh... we'll see.

What did you all do for Labor Day?

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