Friday, September 30, 2011

The Kitteh's Revenge.

Lately I have had a little problem, well... make that a 12 to 15 pound problem. Yes, I'm talking about my cat, Fluffy.

It seems now, whenever I go to use the bathroom for, "business", Fluffy breaks in and demands I pet him. Oh yes, I said BREAKS IN AND DEMANDS TO BE PETTED! He reaches under the SHUT door, grabs onto the bottom of the door, wiggles the door till it dislodges, and walks right on in. I swear, this animal has thumbs. Anywho, he just walks right in like he's visiting Mordor and meows as I'm trying to concentrate. And don't say just ignore him because then he sits on my feet. If sitting on my feet still doesn't get him attention, he starts gnawing on my toes and ankles. Actually BITE THE SHIT OUT OF MY ANKLES!!


Fluffy didn't start doing this until just recently. I began wracking my brain for when he started this behavior. After a moment I recalled it was a month or two ago, right around the time I put chunky butt on a diet.

REALLY?!? Oh yes. The cat is exacting his revenge for smaller portions and low fat cat food by annoying me on the shitter. It's crazy, but true.

Vindictive damn fuzzball.

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