Wednesday, September 7, 2011

I'm Really Back Now, Baby!

This Sunday, I make my triumphant return to the hardwood! I made the roster for this Sunday's bout against the Ocala Cannibals! To say that I am happy is an understatement! I am practically over the moon! Wanna celebrate with me? Here's what you need to know.....

Sunday, 9/11/11 at Astro Skate Bradenton. (3611 3rd Street West, Bradenton Fl.) Tickets are on sale from your favorite roller girl for $10 in advance, or get them while they last at the door for $12. Tailgate in the parking lot starts at 6pm with FREE BEER for those 21 and up. Doors open up at 6:30pm and the bout starts at 7pm. Remember, 18+ is required for suicide seating. Raffle tickets will be on sale along with lots of great Bombers merchandise. This is a special bout, honoring our community's First Responders and there is a special raffle just for them!! Please come out and support your Bradentucky Bombers!!

Won't you come celebrate my triumph over tears to the ACL?



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