Friday, August 19, 2011

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot!

I tried to register my middle daughter, Mo for middle school Friday. It was the worst day of my life.

  1. Went to Mulrennan Middle School. We went there because the Apartment community listed them as the school servicing this area. Unfortunately for us, that was incorrect. We actually have to go to Burns Middle School. It would have been nice if they had told us this yesterday when we tried to attend Mulrennan open house. We basically wasted a day.
  2. We drove over to Burns Middle School. The front of the school is torn up because the county is apparently trying to put in new sidewalks and couldn't accomplish this over the summer. I look for a parking lot and there are 4 spaces for visitor parking in front of the school. Said spaces are being hogged up by Verizon Fios super trucks.
  3. Drove around the back of the school and parked in faculty parking. Then had to hike to the office. It was a looooooong hike.
  4. Get to the office and find out they are only registering students till 12pm. I sign in. I have all my paperwork filled out from yesterday so I figured a smooth ride. Guidance secretary says I have to have a utility bill in my name. We don't have that because our apartment, utilities, and lease are part of HHH's compensation package. It is in the apartment community's name.
  5. Guidance secretary then calls out a 6th grade Assistant Principal to tell me not only do I need a utility bill, I also have to have my drivers license in my addy as well or she will refuse to register my child! Oh and I am illegally harboring an incorrect license so that is just stupid right there along with waiting to register till now.(I always register at open house! This county must just be fucking pricks!)
  6. I am sent on my way back to my car with nary a wave, but them refusing to admit my child even though I have my lease stating our address. All the other school wanted was the current lease. Only this school is requiring all this extra information. Just. This. One. School. On the way back to the parking lot, Mo got stung by a wasp. Yeah, REAL nice school ya got there.
  7. I go home, fuming and really wanting to punch that cocknobbling bitch from Burns MS in the cunt for calling me stupid. HHH tells me I can acquire a retrofitted DL by getting a copy of my Birth Cert. and a shit load of other papers and going to the nearest Tax Collector's office. I drag Eldest with me.
  8. Birth Certificate is acquired easily enough for $14.
  9. Go to Tax Collectors office and am given the number G756. Eldest & I sit down.
  10. We wait.
  11. We keep waiting.
  12. We wait 2 hours.
  13. Finally G756 is called and I scream BINGO at the top of my lungs as I run to the window indicated on the electronic tote board. Eldest pretends not to know me.
  14. I get told that I have to have a copy of my marriage certificate. I say I have that. Lady says NO> You need the certificate from your first marriage to show how you went from your maiden name, to your name before you married husband #2. SO basically I waited 2 hours for nothing. Try to show clerk pre-second marriage DL that had other name on it. No dice.
  15. Get really pissed off.
  16. Leave before creating a scene.
  17. Get home and vent to loving family who knows I can't stand people calling me stupid and making me feel inferior to their paperwork rules and shit.
  18. See HHH on the computer. He is getting me a new license. I 7 to 10 days it will be mailed to this address. FUCK YOU HILLSBOROUGH COUNTY DMV!
So now HHH has to take Monday off of work to go get his license renewed at this address so we can register the other two kids. He doesn't have name changes to explain so he will probably breeze right through. I'm still of a bent that this fucking school can't just arbitrarily ask for more ID than any other school in the district. It's stupid. So I'm just going to go to bed and forget Friday ever happened!
I am a tax paying, American citizen. I was treated like total crap today by both the school system and then the government! Why is this OK again???

How about you guys? How has the good ol'USA screwed you all lately?

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+1 for "cocknobbling"