Monday, August 8, 2011

What I Learned From This Weekend.

  • Seeing family again is nice.
  • Seeing said family at a theme park makes it nicer.
  • Said family will not understand about schedules, time tables, or keeping to an itinerary.
  • Some people will not watch their own children.
  • Same people will expect everyone else to watch their children.
  • Same said people will take you for granted.
  • Meeting new family who will soon marry in (New MIL) is great.
  • Some people will do their darnedest to try & make a trip that is supposed to be about one family member all about themselves instead.
  • Those people suck.
  • If you're the family member who is doing the best financially, everyone else will expect you to absorb all incidental costs.
  • Go carts are crazy.
  • Go carts that go down a 45 degree slope into a 32 degree banked turn scare the shit out of middle aged roller derby queens!
  • Said Roller Derby Queen's 14 year old will suddenly become a racing enthusiast and slam you into the wall!
  • Discovering a gluten free beer at Margaritaville that actually tastes as good as the beer you used to drink before diagnosis is the shizz yo!
  • Spending a day with just your family easily erases extended family's fuckery and stupidity!
  • Taking great photos of your favorite boys riding their favorite coaster (above) totally kicks ass! (and is cheaper than the theme park's $14.99 souvenir!)
  • Coming home to furry babies who missed you is awesome!
And now back to your regularly scheduled week!

1 comment:

Megan said...

What was the name of the GF beer? Mitch is looking for one.

Glad your weekend was mostly good. With family sometimes you just have to ignore stuff.