Monday, August 22, 2011

Two Down...

Got Mr. Man, Jr., all registered for school on Monday. After the treatment I received on Friday at Burns Middle School when trying to register Mo, I wasn't sure what to expect.

We got there easy enough. The school is right down the road from us. I walk up to the office with Jr and we ask at the desk if we can get him registered. The lovely woman behind the desk say sure, what's your address and I rattle it off. She gives me the packet to fill out and I inquire as to the whereabouts of their nurse. I brought copes of all of Jr's medicals from last year and we need to give them to the clinic for reference purposes. As I'm filling in line after line after line, the Roaming Nurse comes over to talk to me. We chat about how Jr's diabetes runs and it is just wonderful to know someone who cares deeply for the health of children will be taking care of my boy! I really miss Miss Desiree from Tuttle! She took care of my two for 3 years and was the BEST! I have a good feeling thought, that Jr. is in good hands!

I went to hand back the packet of registration papers and realize I forgot the lease and utility bill! CRAP! I was so worried about remembering Jr's last report card and medicals, I totally blanked on getting that stack of papers before heading out the door! The lady says it's ok and just bring them back later. Jr. and I jump back in the van and run home to grab the lease. I bring it right back and the woman says she wouldn't have hassled me for it! Oh mai GAWD! How nice are they?? I still showed it to her, and the utility bill too! So Mr. Man is all ready to start Tuesday(today)! He is way too excited too! Oh.... and the best thing?

The mascot of his new school is a GATOR!!!!!

Now, the fight to get Mo registered begins.......

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