Thursday, August 18, 2011


Went to go register Mo for middle school yesterday. After following the GPS to Mulrennan MS we get there and head to the cafeteria. Once there we are then redirected to the Guidance office where we learn you can't "register" during open house. Really? Not allowed to register At Open House?? How the fuck does that make sense??? I dunno. So we get the registration papers and call it a day.
Once home, I trade Mo for Eldest and it's back in the car and off to pick up Eldest's schedule for the year. e stood in line, got her schedule and lo and behold it's a generic one. Three of the classes she has are things she took in Middle school! Yay for gifted classes. We ask at the front desk about possibly trading up to higher level courses, and are told the first week will see a lot of schedule juggling. OK, we can wait.
Then on the way back home from THAT we get stuck in traffic from the little gem up above in the photo. A 6 car wreck that was brought on by a freaking monsoon that was washing every thing away as we were driving up to Eldest's school in the first place! Sigh... I guess if you want instant driving morons, just add water!
Today I get to try all of this again With Junior at his Open House.

Fun fun!

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Putz said...

ya, like you i can get nothing done<><>,.went to get my labs done for my diabetis, and it was a simple monday at 9 am <><>the sign on the widow says no labs today, st. elmo's fire day<><>now ifin a person can't get labs done on a simple monday in august, when can i go????dec 25th at noon???????