Monday, August 15, 2011


I'm beginning to think no one does anymore. When I was a child, I had excellent grades in English, grammar, and diction when I was in school. I cringed at the whole your/you're thing. Their/there/They're sends spasms to my brain when used improperly. It pains me to read bad grammar and incorrect word usage to the point I unfriended a sister in law on Facebook because of it! (To her defense, she has what amounts to a 5th grade education.)

Most days, when I complain about people not speaking English, and lately it has been quite a bit, it's not that the folks I'm talking about are speaking a foreign language, it is usually grown, educated (?) Americans speaking like children! Foul mouthed, illiterate children. Have some pride people! Have some respect for yourselves! Do not become the unwashed masses that you came from. Your forefathers came to this country to give you an education and a better future, and you are squandering it... SQUANDERING IT!!!

Monday night, HHH & I went to the orientation of Eldest's new HS. It is a small HS, only 300 kids, and they said 15% of those won't make it in their educational construct. It's a Charter School that focuses on learning that will carry over into the real world. The kids pick out internships in real businesses in the community. The kids will graduate after four years with not only a high school diploma, but an AA degree. That's half way to a Bachelor's degree in most fields of study. That is light years away from the ghetto Eldest was having to learn in during Middle School. I looked at the parents at the orientation and saw doctors, lawyers, business owners, and artists. Not sure how they are going to take having a roller girl in their midst, but we shall see!

Come on America! Rise above the text speak, low brow attitude, and contempt of education! We are better than this muck we have mired ourselves into! Look at where we are! Look at how far we have fallen in other countries eyes!! Stand up and become the citizens our ancestors fought for us to be!

I'm standing up, will you?

(and yes, I do realize the picture above uses crass and insensitive language, but how else was I to draw in the heathens?)

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valrico florida, where in the HELL is that??????????