Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Nothing Good...

...ever happens at 3am.

After a grueling derby practice that had my muscles screaming at me, I had taken some Tylenol PM's to go to sleep. I was looking forward to a blissful night of oblivion. I drifted off to the strains of the TV blathering on about some sort of shark week nonsense.


It was slowly filtering in. At first I thought I was dreaming, like the banging was a part of my dresm. Don't you hate that? When you hear stuff in real life and your mind makes it part of the dream you're having? Especially when it's a pee dream?? We didn't wake up until after the banging had stopped. HHH went to the door, but there wasn't a note and for a moment I thought it was really a dream, but then when HHH made a walk of the property he saw a small business card on the truck. It was a Sheriff's business card asking us to call the number about our vehicle being burgled.


We called the number, and I checked the truck. I knew there wasn't anything in the truck because we cleaned it out in anticipation of sending it back to the dealer. Living in Memphis taught us to NEVER leave valuables in the cars.... it just invites break ins. When dispatch answered the woman asked if we were missing a cell phone, money & a watch from the truck. HHH assured the woman that we don't keep valuables in our vehicle, and that he was calling her FROM his cell phone! After a few more minutes, HHH assured the woman yet again that our truck hadn't been looted, that there are 2 other trucks in the neighborhood that are the same make and model as ours, and we went back into the house. It was almost 4am by then. We laid back down and after a while got back to sleep.


Now it's 7am. The Sheriff's office is back and asking HHH to look at a bag of valuables that had been recovered. OMG really? We had just fallen asleep! HHH had told the dispatcher that our truck hadn't been broken into, yet we still got woken up at the ass crack of dawn! UGH!

It turned out that there were two 16 or 17 year olds breaking into cars in the neighborhood last night. One of the residents saw them and reported it to police, who cam out and caught them red handed with the stolen loot. Because it was 3am, they didn't have any theft reports to go by, so they asked the suspects what cars they broke into and apparently the kids gave general car descriptions, including a Dodge extended cab. Sigh..... 7 or 8 cars were burgled, but apparently everything was recovered. Hopefully these are also the kids who have been breaking into the coke machines and laundry centers trying to steal the money! Them being off the streets would be nice!

When does school start again? Also... SOMEONE NEEDS TO DO SOME GOD DAMN PARENTING!!!

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