Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Tried to reason with Burns Middle again Tuesday. We tried to get a new DL for HHH, but the state of Florida did not like our lease or our car insurance papers. Apparently it has to be worded just so, and if your management firm words it any differently, you are shit out of luck. So we went back to the house to get online and see if my DL HHH had mailed out to us was processed yet. We couldn't find that so I then called the Middle School to leave a message with the guidance office. I basically said that if I couldn't use what I had (lease & utility bill from the company) we would be screwed until I could get a copy of my 1st marriage license from 1994 to prove to the State I'm not a terrorist! That would put my daughter's education back 4-6 weeks while waiting on it to be mailed, and did they think that was a good idea?? I finally got a call back from THE GUIDANCE SECRETARY! Yeah, not even the actual guidance counselor for 6th grade. In a haughty tone the woman said I could bring what I have and if it didn't meet their standards I'd have to get what they want or be fucked over. (She didn't actually say "fucked over", but I could hear the sarcasm DRIPPING from her tone!) I ask to speak to someone higher up, and she said all the AP's were at lunch, but I could leave a message and someone would eventually get back to me. I left the same message as before and got angry.

This is my daughter's education for Christ's sake!

So I looked up the actual number for the Hillsborough County Schools and called that. I got a lovely woman who said she was in charge of all the schools in our area, and listened as I told her the entire tale, how we had been misinformed about Mulrennan MS being our school and then got redirected to Burns, only to have the people at Burns treat us so terribly. I mentioned that the AP who refused to help us called me stupid and implied I was going to be in trouble for having an illegal DL without a correct address on it. Then I imparted our situation to the woman at the other end of the line and FINALLY.... someone listened! Someone didn't just assume I was trying to pull a fast one and register in a school outside of our service area. She apologized to me for my horrible treatment and promised to get my complaint to the right people immediately.

2 hours later I get a phone call.

It is the principal of Burns Middle School. She asks me what my difficulty was and I repeat the whole shebang over again and explain our dealy-o with the company picking up the tab for our rent and utility so it really isn't in our names. Then I go into the whole 4-6 weeks to get the old marriage license and she sees my problem. I told her when I had tried to explain the same things to the AP and the other ladies in the Guidance office last week, I was told too bad, so sad, you're just shit out of luck if you can't do it our way and we don't care why you can't!! I guess it pays to go over people's head! So anywhoo, the principal asked for the name & number of HHH's boss to pre-qualify the paperwork I was going to bring them and all we have to do is waltz in the door and fill out Morgan's papers!

I can't believe it took me calling up the tip top of the Hillsborough County School System for me to get someone to listen to me! I was belittled, berated, and treated so poorly, I almost don't want to go, but I want to see the looks on those bitches faces when I walk in on Wednesday morning.

I'll try not to be too smug! :)


Megan said...

Dealing with bureaucrats sucks. Glad you got it straightened out.

So... how did it go this morning?

Christina LMT said...

I really hope they got more than a "stern talking-to", 'cause they deserve it!