Tuesday, August 16, 2011


I am beyond frustrated! You guys have probably been following along with the trials and travails of the big Dodge truck we bought back in January, so some of you have an inkling of what's going on. For those of you who don't, my husband and I went looking for a car this winter and he took a shine to a Dodge Quad Cab at a car lot in Sarasota. At first we were told it had problems and it wasn't for sale so we looked at other vehicles on the lot and really didn't see anything we liked. We left saying we'd keep in touch, but that we were going to other places and actively looking for a vehicle. A week later, the same car lot called us and said, "The truck is fine, would you like to come check it out?". That should have been the first warning.
We go over and test drive the truck. It was dirty inside, the dash is cracked, and the AC didn't work, also the heater core may be what the main problem with the AC. The fat bald man who was trying to sell us on it said that before we would take possession of it it would be cleaned, the dash would be fixed, and the AC would be fixed as well. The dollar signs in the guy's eyes should have been warning sign #2.
We gave it two weeks for them to fix all the things Baldy said would get fixed before dropping the down payment off. We get to the car lot and first thing they say, "My audio guy cracked the dash trying to put in a working radio. We'll just take that off the list price for ya!" I guess they had forgotten about us test driving the truck two weeks earlier and seeing the dash already cracked. Baldy must not have told them we already knew about it, so now we know they are willing to lie to us to make the sale. THAT should have been strike three and we should have been out the door! Nope. I knew HHH really wanted the truck.

I should say right now, LISTEN TO YOUR GUT! ALWAYS!

So we sign on the dotted line and drive away. That's when the problems began in earnest! First the AC died on us after 2 days. I took it back to the dealer and the Shop Guy says "Oh, the heater core is bad." I mentioned that when we had test driven the vehicle and mentioned that the heater core might be bad and the shop guy said, "Oh, no one mentioned that to me!" In fact, according to shop guy, they didn't do ANYTHING to the truck at all besides charging the AC with freon. We ended up having to go back not once but 4 times for the AC. It still isn't fixed to this day!!
In all, we have had nothing but problems with that truck. The AC was one problem. Then there was the ball joints that we found out about when we took it to have the oil changed the day after picking it up. (No, the dealer didn't even change the oil before unloading it on us.) Then there was the exhaust system throwing the truck into 2nd gear while I was driving on I75 at 70 mph! That turned out to be a recall part that was bad and the dealer never bothered to have it fixed before unloading the truck on us. I almost wrecked the truck with my kids in it that day! When we had the tires checked because the front end was shaking, the estimate was $2700 because everything on the front end was about to die! THEN the last straw was as the kids and I were coming back from a derby practice the water pump blew! I had had enough. HHH called the dealership and told them to come get their piece of shit! We were done.
The dealer must have thought we were kidding because no one came to get the truck. A week and a half later, we suddenly get a call from the dealer's financial division asking if we knew why the credit card we had set up for payments was declining them? (We had the card cancelled.) We explained there would be no more payments because we are unhappy and tired of being jerked around by the dealer. Surprise surprise... the finance division had no idea we were having problems and would look into it for us. The next call was another one asking for money, to which we answered HELL NO! Then the finance guy said he would send someone for the truck to see what was wrong with it. That took them two weeks.
Now apparently, the general manager the dealership has been fired. They are asking if we'd like to put down more $$$ and be moved into a different vehicle. HHH spoke to the GM and he said he'd see what they could do. Lo and behold an hour later the Shop Guy calls us and starts BS-ing about fixing the truck, blah blah, blah......
I guess they really just want to stick us with that nightmare instead of doing the right thing and getting us into a safer vehicle.
So, I am trying to craft a sane and tactful way of telling the dealership "Fuck You". I am no longer am interested in a truck that never should have been sold to us, in my opinion. It isn't safe. It has never worked correctly, and until they can put us in another vehicle at no extra down payment for our trouble, I no longer wish to speak to them. My credit is already shot thanks to a divorce that saw the repossession of a house and car from me, so they can kiss my ass. I gave them their vehicle back. They have their property and I'm not giving them one more dime!

Sigh...... This is why used car dealers get a bad reputation.


Russ said...

listen to your gut is right! Man, hating it for you.

Karl said...

Ugh, hoping that something comes through for you soon. I don't think I'd trust that dealership again.