Monday, August 22, 2011

First Week.

Well, this is the first week of the new school year. My kids start on Tuesday. I'm going to try again today to get my younger two registered. I'm going to see if I can get Jr. in his school. Perhaps the administrators won't be as rude there as they were at Burns Middle School. All I can do is try, eh?
It's looking like we will be able to get up at 6am this year, which is nice after a year of 4:30 & 5am wake ups. I understand people wanting to get the day going, but waking my kids up before the sunrise puts strain on their systems. Eldest's school starts first at 7:30am, and Mo's school apparently starts at 9am. I'll find out when Jr.'s starts today.
We finished up the school shopping yesterday as well. Last thing to get was more pants for Eldest. She is the only one with uniforms this year and seeing as how she is probably going to sprout to 6 feet tall, she needed pants that actually go down to her feet! (The Irkel look just never made it into style!) I gave her the choice of using my money and going to Wall to Wall Mart, or using her money and taking her to Plato's Closet. She chose the latter of the two. Good LORD! That store was a madhouse! One could hardly move around it was so packed in there. Eldest finally found two pairs of pants that were nice, a khaki pair and a pair of jeans, and we left before someone started a fist fight over the last Bebe shirt in the joint! I need to wear my pads and helmet next time we head over there!
Oh, and to make the first week of school exciting.... we are expecting Hurricane Irene to make her way over here about Friday!! Heh, I tweeted yesterday, "We don't have snow days, we have hurricane days here in the south!" What can we say.... it's a Florida thing!

How does YOUR first week of school look?


Russ said...

Mr. B's first day is friday, so the countdown is on.

Megan said...

Mack started school last Thursday, but this will be our first full week with full instead of half days. Well it will be if Irene doesn't muck it up...

Christina LMT said...

Silver started classes today...she's now a JUNIOR IN COLLEGE. Holy crap, I'm old! :D

My twins are seniors in HS and start next week.

Christina LMT said...

Oh, and good luck with Irene!