Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Everyone is in school! It only took me threatening hellfire for the middle school to let us in, but we got there. Even with speaking to the principal on Tuesday and being assured we could just breeze in they STILL tried to say we couldn't register because we didn't have Morgan's records in hand. Once I told them I know that Florida gives you 30 days grace period to request school records from a previous Florida school they shut up and started requesting the records from Mo's old school. Jeeze.... just do your frickin' job! Quit hassling us already.
Sure enough, Tuttle came through for us and faxed over all Mo's records right away. Her Birth Certificate, her shot records, her FCATS... everything. When the Guidance secretary expressed surprise at this, I just shook my head and thought about how many times I tried to tell them this and other things, but they refused to listen. Refused to listen and then acted ugly and rude. Morgan whispered to me, "Mom... those ladies are acting like bullies. Aren't we not supposed to bully people?" I said yes, people aren't supposed to be bullies, but they sometimes are when they don't use their better judgement.

Great lesson there ladies!

PS- Met the guidance counselor Mo will have all through middle school. A rotund little, middle aged man with a pleasant face. My question to you all is.....

Is it creepy or weirdly apropos that his name was Mr. Feely??


Russ said...

Were his first two initials, "I" and "P"?

Russ said...

Dammit, I read 'freely'.