Saturday, August 20, 2011


Today was better. Got my ass out of bed at the ass crack of dawn, dragged the kids out of bed as well and took our sorry butts down to roller derby practice. It helped. It really helped. What didn't help was my left hamstring deciding to tweak about 1 hour into the adult practice. We were doing endurance too, which made for a real pain in the ass!(Literally!!)
So I would jump in and skate the endurance drill till my leg would scream at me, then drop off to the side, stretch it out, ice it, and then as soon as it laid off, jump right back in! It was shitty, but I wasn't gonna pussy out after having been gone for two weeks! When we started doing a hitting drill, I really let go and ended up putting both my team mates on their asses!(One of them really hard too!)

Things I figured out.....
  1. I need new toe stops.
  2. I need to NEVER miss another 2 weeks if at all possible.
  3. I need to start running again. Swimming isn't cutting it.
So, there ya have it!Have a great Sunday kids!!!

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