Monday, July 25, 2011


Well, that wasn't too bad. All things considered, it could have gone worse. Of course I'm talking about the photo shoot from Monday night. As it was, we rode down to the rink in sweltering heat, melting as we went. South Florida is in the dog days of summer, which basically means it's insufferably humid in the morning, then rains in the afternoon. It does that EVERY. DAY. That's just Florida. Love it, or leave. Anywhoo, we get to the rink and get geared up, and I start skating around with the kids out on the floor. Only had my wrist guards & knee pads on. Didn't want to ruin the rat's nest of hair I had going on. Then we started taking the photos. Malice grabs me first and says "Go get up there." and points. I look and she's pointing to a 2 1/2 foot tall go-go stand that's about 2 feet in diameter! Oh... my gawd!! Now remember, I have skates on my feet. I shimmy up there and start taking pictures! And I didn't even fall off. After the adults get their photos done, they get stared on the kids. Goodness there were so many kids! Had to be at least 40 there tonight! I had done Mo's makeup for her. She had one eye in green shadow, one eye in purple shadow, and some mascara on her looooooong eyelashes! Add to that two braids we gave her and she was a cutie pie! Rebecca made her own make up decisions, and Junior was just Junior! So the kids take their single shots and then it's time to corral all the kids together for the team shot. That was like herding cats! So the kids get their group shot finally, then us adults get our group shot done, and then it's all over but the waiting. I get to see what the shots look like when the photographer gets them edited and processed. I stressed, but everyone said I looked fine.

We'll see.....

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