Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Where Have You Gone?

I commented on this Tuesday Morning. I have 42 blogs in my feed reader. I maybe read or look at 3 to 4 blogs each morning. Now, that's not because I'm a slouch at reading, but because almost no one posts anymore.

When I first began reading blogs, some 5 years ago, I was reading people who would post everyday. I knew about your kids, your pets, where you traveled, and what you did! I took your tips on cooking, travel, crafts, and photography. Because HHH's job choice has us constantly moving from place to place, the blogs I read basically became the friendships I really never had. Can't really make friends with the neighbors when your husband's job strictly forbids fraternization! It was great, those first few years. I could wake up, shoo the kids off to school, grab a cup of coffee and then sit down to read about everyone's exploits!

Now, with the exception of a few, I read maybe the 3 or 4 blogs mentioned earlier. Maybe it happened when I was working. I just didn't notice you all dropping away. You had other things, commitments, more going on that you wrote about. Maybe you changed how you blogged. I noticed some people changed from a personal blogger to a sponsored blogger, or perhaps started a new adventure blog about something totally different and I missed the "Hey come follow me here instead." notice. Maybe it was because I didn't comment as much as I used to. I usually read the comments that are already there and If I see someone has already given voice to my thoughts, I just let it ride. Maybe it's me? Did I just not open my horizons to more and more blogs? Was I being too narrow in my readership? I don't know. I do know I miss hearing about your lives. Perhaps I should get one of my own, but then, there's that fraternization thing again, and also the fact that we move around like a military family! Hard to pack those friendships in a box to take with me. My computer friends come with me where ever I go!

I just wanted to say I miss reading the people I became accustom to. Guess it's time to start digging again and find some more people to meet & read!


Russ said...

I've noticed the same thing. Of course, I've been just a touch slack lately myself.

Poppy said...

It 's summer. Everyone who experiences seasons posts less in the summer. :)

Also, my blog is broken be aide my hosting company de used my blog had malicious content. It will be back eventually.

phinz said...

I really haven't felt strongly enough about a lot lately to actually post it--or felt SO strongly about some things that I knew I better NOT put it out there, lol!

I have made friends here now and I've been wonderfully busy doing things with them . . . but I TOTALLY understand what you mean about blog friends--you guys were all I had for some time, and it does mean a lot to keep in touch. My bad, I forgot that!

So I'll start posting again--I do NOT want you to feel dropped! You're one of mah buds!