Sunday, July 31, 2011


This was me yesterday. Why was I in a lawn chair next to a major highway you ask?

Because of this. This is another problem in the long line of problems we have had since we bought this truck. It seemed I blew the water pump while driving home from derby practice. So the kids and I were stuck on I-75, 10 miles from the house. I called HHH and had him come get the kids from me as well as calling my emergency roadside assistance for a tow. So there I was, in full on derby dress (booty shorts, knee socks, tank top.) on the side of the road, waiting on the tow truck. Sigh..... It took over an hour, but we got it home. 1st thing Monday, that bitch is going back to the dealer. I don't want it any more. It has had so many hidden problems that we weren't told about, it's almost dangerous to drive anywhere! I give up. Luckily, HHH has a co worker who is selling a nice mini van for 1/2 price! Whew!!

Problems, I don't need!

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