Wednesday, July 6, 2011

It's Funny...

...How one little thing can set a whole bunch of crap in motion. Little things like oh, say a squirrel. Tonight, our electricity decided to go POOF at about 7:45pm! At first I thought, "Did I remember to pay our electric bill?" But then I ran out the front door to see what the what when I heard a HUGE BOOM accompanied by a big fireball and poof of black smoke up by the front entrance of the complex. HHH came out too and we walked up towards the sound. As we walked, everyone else came out too. Seems power was out in the whole complex, and the farther we walked, the more we saw people standing outside in the South Florida humidity ick. Seems power was out in the whole neighborhood! And what, dare you ask, put a suburb in the dark??

A squirrel.

As we approached the cause of the problem, a TECO truck was at the corner of Springvale & Bloomingdale directly in front of a burnt out power pole. Seems a squirrel had been nibbling on the wires in the transformer and he shorted out the system! 25% of house fires that are ruled unknown are actually attributed to squirrels and other rodents! So to get away from the cloying heat and humidity, we went shopping! Whoo hoo! Thanks Mr. Chippy!

So make sure your attics are closed off to fuzzy tree rats people. Russ, if you read this, I wrote this thinking about your squirrel trials!!

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Russ said...

They're evil! EEEEEVIL I tells ya! Frackin' tree rats.

Another one just moved in this morning! sigh.